About Us


As a business owner you want an accountant who’s more than just a bookkeeper. You want someone who will help you grow your business, reduce your costs, generate more profit and reduce your tax bills.Proactive Accountant is your ultimate resource when it comes to appointing a quality accountant or even changing from your existing one. We are proud to have built up a strong network of experts in specialist areas for all types of businesses.

All our approved accountants have professional experience with all sizes of businesses ranging from start-ups to corporate clients. These practices are well established in your local area – each providing bespoke, high quality and cost-effective solutions to both local and national businesses.

Our Experience

Set up and maintained by people directly involved in the accountancy and marketing industry for 15+ years, we have endeavoured to put the right business with the right accountant, as we know how important it is to get the right advice when you need it, not when it’s too late! We also understand a business owner’s requirements and concerns when changing accountants. We aim to continue building our diverse directory so you as a business owner can quickly and easily locate a suitable and specialised accountant in your area.

You, as a business, deserve more than a number cruncher. The right business adviser for you should be able to help you with your current business goals and be able to tell you what he/she can do to help you grow your business whilst helping you to pay the minimum amount of tax. It is for this reason that you should meet with a Pro-active Accountant.

We work with all types of accounting firms to help them work smarter, not harder. We help you best utilise marketing for practice development, the key to improving your firm’s profitability. Proactive-accountant.com also run the fastest growing accountancy group on linkedin called Proactive Accountants which offers free marketing advice and lets you network with our members. Click here to join the group to get involved in our marketing discussions today – www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=404403

Colin Cowap

Colin is a marketing expert who has been helping the accounting profession to achieve marketing goals for many years. Colin and his team work with proactive specialised accountancy members all over the UK & Ireland who offer a free exclusive review of your business to see if they can save you money or help bring businesses to their full potential.Colin is focussed on making sure the business owner can find an accountant who specialises in their business sector and can bring a benefit to their business. Colin brings like-minded professionals together via his network and is focused on raising the competency of accounting practices in the UK & Ireland.