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Accounting Can Be A Tough Career Track

Accounting can be a tough career track. There are lots of clients, lots of hours, and lots of problems running such a business. It seems like just marketing the business alone is a full-time job….where is one to get the time to work with clients and market their practice?...Read More

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The Small Business Guide To Linkedin 2014

With over 300 million users and 2 new users signing up per second, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. However, many businesses aren't making the most of this powerful platform. Follow this step-by-step guide and make LinkedIn an effective part of your marketing strategy. Find our more information ...Read More

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Changing Accountants Is So Easy

Here are my top tips to make changing accountants as easy as it can possibly be: 1) Only Use Chartered or Otherwise Qualified Accountants If you’re new accountant and your existing one are both chartered and members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants or another professional body such as the ACCA, then they are bound by the rules of those organisations to act in a particular way....Read More

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10 Good Reasons to Change Your Accountant

Most people pick an accountant and stick with him or her throughout their entire lifetime or the lifetime of their businesses. Though this is perfectly understandable given the human tendency to "stay the course", it can be counter-productive in the long run. I've put together 10 reasons you should consider changing accountants. Though not all may be applicable to your situation, I encourage yo...Read More

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Finance professionals need to broaden their knowledge of Tax

Today, accountants and finance professionals are eager to ensure they remain at the forefront of their profession, stay abreast of developments and demonstrate to both clients and employers that they have enhanced their professional qualification and expertise. With this in mind CPA Ireland Skillnet created a unique and exciting higher level qualification in Tax for accounting ...Read More

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Tax Avoidance: What’s Legally Permissible And What’s Not

Tax avoidance has been pretty much headline news for quite a number of years now, Jimmy Carr, Gary Barlow and Chris Moyles being high profile examples. The lines between tax avoidance (perfectly legal) and tax evasion (definitely not legal) seem to have become blurred, Denis Healy (former Chancellor of the Exchequer ...Read More

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Major Tax Changes Ahead For Employee Benefits

All UK employers know that complex tax rules apply when payments are made on behalf of employees, or when employers provide benefits in kind. The good news is that there are changes on the horizon that should genuinely make life a little simpler for employers. Ray Chidell, joint author of a major new two-volume work on employee benefits and expenses....Read More

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Deciding on a Company Structure: Sole Trader vs Limited Company

Sole Trader is the easiest option to structure your business. Register yourself with the Revenue Commissioners as a Sole Trader and file income tax returns every year before the end of October. The advantages of this option are that it is quite easy to maintain the books and there is no requirement for an audit. ...Read More

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Using Self-Employed People?

Make sure you are protected… If you engage self-employed sole-traders you need to be 100% certain you could successfully defend an employment status challenge by either HMRC or the individual....Read More

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Your Starter Video

Big Videos Local created this unique opportunity for you to have your own video that will instantly make your website stand out from the competition, engage directly with your visitors and profit from the online medium with the greatest power of persuasion....Read More

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Is Marketing A Good ROI?

When a business slashes its marketing budget, are they also cutting their own business throat? When asked about cost-cutting, what do you tell your clients? As their accountant your clients expect you to advise and help them survive, preferably continue to grow, during a recession. It’s in your interest, as well as theirs, to do all you can to support their business longevity. ...Read More

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Why Do Accountants Shy Away From Online Video?

Here is a conundrum: Would you listen to a business advisor who does not walk the walk? Yet this is what most accountants expect their clients to do, and they are not even aware of it. Let me explain what lies behind this conundrum:...Read More

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Apps and Online Tools

Thanks to the proliferation of innovative apps for smartphones, business people can now do so much more while they are out of the office — everything from tweeting to planning travel or accessing their computer files....Read More

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"Only Little People Pay Taxes"

The summer saw unprecedented exposure on tax avoidance and HMRC’s response. This kicked off in June with a week’s blanket coverage by the Times with Jimmy Carr’s sheltering of his £3.3 million income at centre stage....Read More

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Practice Development Through Marketing

Before you can produce an effective business plan for your practice you must devise a marketing strategy. The expenditure incurred by, and the income generated from, the implementation of this strategy is vital to the performance of the business as a whole. At regular intervals these projected increases in costs incurred and fees generated should be compared with....Read More

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Does Telemarketing For Accountants Work?

Anyone who’s spent time on websites dedicated to practice development will tell you that this question comes up from accountants again and again. Speaking as a Director of you might be surprised to hear that my answer to that question is “Not for everybody”. Let’s take a look at some of the popular comments that get made and see if there’s any truth in them....Read More

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Law Firms A Less Secure Future

On June 6th 2011 Howrey LLP filed for bankruptcy in the United States, this company formed in 1956 had at its peak 500 lawyers in 16 locations worldwide. The demise of such a large law firm was almost unthinkable five years earlier, what changed and led to its demise among other issues was that clients are keener to query bills, demanded alternatives to the normal convention of ...Read More

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As a sole trader, what steps can I take as I approach retirement?

The answer to this question varies from practitioner to practitioner but approaching the problem logically will help you towards a solution which is right for you. It is never too early to consider your present position and your options. The sooner you start planning, the better the prospect of a successful transition. ...Read More

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Changing Accountants – 5 Reasons Why So Many Shy Away From It

Experience has shown that many businesses will tolerate poor service, unjustifiable levels of fees, negligence, mistakes and penalty charges before even considering that they ought to look elsewhere. Why is this so? It is mostly because they let their business sense be clouded by emotion, convenience and cheapness...Read More

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Changing Accountants - The 4 Most Important Reasons Why You Should

Are you happy with your accountancy services? In other words, is your accountant indispensible for your business? Does he understand and proactively support you in reaching your business goals? Or does he just deliver your accounts at year-end for you to sign off? These questions in a nutshell show you what a proactive accountant ...Read More

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Changing Accountants – Trust And The Three Ts

Whether you are self-employed, a small or a large business, solid financial information is critical to your success, and your accountant plays a key role in this. When changing accountant or signing up with an accountant for the first time, you have to be able decide that you can trust them. ...Read More

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Your Guide To Changing Accountants

Does you accountant provide you regularly with the financial information you need to steer your business to the success you planned for? This question sums up what a proactive account should do for your business. Anything less should at least raise a question mark about the level of service your receive. ...Read More

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